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Instrumentation and Equipment

Successful scientific and educational activities of the Department can be implemented due to the high quality of laboratories with modern instrumentation and equipment.

Analytical Methods

Equipment for gas chromatography (GC + FID, MS, FPD), high performance (or high-pressure) liquid chromatography (HPLC + PDA, DAD, RI), low-pressure liquid chromatography, and ion-exchange chromatography.

Microbiological Methods

Equipment for microbiological methods (microscopy, flowing cytometry, and bioscreen) and auxiliary equipment (laminar and anaerobic boxes, deep-freezing boxes, shakers, etc.). 

Biochemical and Molecular Methods

Equipment for biochemical and molecular methods—spectroscopic methods, PCR, and electrophoresis.

Separation Methods

Equipment for separation techniques—distillation, rectification, centrifuging, striping, and filtration.

Special Methods

Equipment for special techniques—brewing analyses and contact angle measurement.

Cultivating Techniques

Equipment for cultivation of microorganisms—packed-bed and slurry reactors for a wide spectrum of aerobic as well as anaerobic cultivations enabling online measurements and control of pH, oxygen content in gaseous phase, dissolved oxygen, redox potential, CO2, temperature, etc.

Technology Facility Brewery Lachout

Experimental breweries  and Micromaltery.

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