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Technology Facility Brewery Lachout

The focus and overall concept of our brewery are based on instructional and research activities. We brew official beer of UCT Prague – Lachout.

Brewery Lachout consists of operations:


Forgotten History

The UCT Prague Brewery has a long tradition. The first mention of an experimental microbrewery at the Czech Technical University in Prague, at that time located in Trojanova Street, dates back to 1900. Professor Kruis played a large role in the foundation of the brewery, which enabled students to gain hands-on experience in relation to the technological processes for brewing beer.

When UCT Prague’s facilities opened in 1937 at Technicka 5 in Dejvice, the brewery was located in the basement of Building A (the technology hall). It was equipped according to the latest industry knowledge of that time. The volume of produced hot wort was three hectoliters. The brewery’s establishment was strongly supported by Professor Jan Šatava, a significant technologist and former head of the Department of Fermentation Chemistry and Mycology. The brewery’s equipment was sold in the 1950s to partners abroad.

In the early 1960s, UCT Prague conducted experiments with continuous production of beer under the leadership of Professor Mostky.

Recent History

A new brewing facility was initiated in 1965 and began operation that same year. Compared to the original three-hectoliter capacity of the old brewery, the new facility was designed to produce only 60 liters of hot wort.

The ZVU Hradec Kralove brewhouse continues to serve students today. In 1987, a complete reconstruction was conducted under the guidance of the head of the department, Professor Gabriela Basařová. The brewery’s cooling technology was upgraded, its location was moved, and the fermentation department was equipped with glass vessels. After a three-year hiatus, the brewery began operating again in 1990. Since that time, beer produced here has been called Lachout because of the delicious flavor. In 1999, stainless steel lager tanks, each with a 70-liter volume, and fermentation tanks with 10-liter volumes, were added to the facilities.

Another substantial modification of the brewery was conducted in early 2003, when the overall cooling system was replaced with an environmentally safe system. The outer shell was also rebuilt to return to its original state from the 1930s.

In 2010, the technology of the microbrewery was again updated and modernized. The result: A new stainless steel, copper-plated, two-vessel brewhouse with a capacity of 100 liters of hot wort per brew. A grinder, two fermentation tanks, the wort cooler, and an ice water producer were also added. In 2012, the brewery was fully automated.

Since 2012, UCT Prague therefore owns a fully automated micromalting plant, opening up enormous possibilities for a comprehensive approach to the study of the brewing and malting processes.

Educational activities

The brewery is used for teaching several subjects

  • Bachelor theses
  • Master theses
  • Doctoral theses
  • Technological pilot plant training
  • Commercial training courses and seminars


Research activities

  • Testing new hop varieties in cooperation with the Hop
  • Research Institute Zatec
  • Testing new varieties of barley
  • Development of new types of beer
  • Beer production from unconventional materials
  • Study of mycotoxins in malts as a result of the brewing process
  • Increasing health-promoting substances from hops in beer
  • Production of non-alcoholic beer (continuous production, improving organoleptic properties)
  • Silicon in beer
  • Development of recipes for special beers (dry hopping, unconventional procedures for fermentation)
  • Application of unconventional strains of yeast in brewing
  • Automation of microbreweries


Compliance processes and guarantees for the quality of beer from the Lachout UCT Prague Brewery                     


Rudolf Jung - Brewmaster

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