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Master studies

The Department offers higher education in classical biotechnologies with a modern approach,  including brewing, distilleries, and winemaking as well as the production of vinegar and other substances through the fermentation. It additionally provides instruction in modern fields of bioengineering and biotechnologies such as pharmaceutical production, environmental protection, and alternative fuel production.

The Department provides two Master study programmes in Czech.

  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Specialism Biotechnology
  • Synthesis and Production of Pharmaceuticals, Specialism Biotechnology of Pharmaceuticals


The Department offers a Master study programme of Biotechnology in English.


  • Time to complete: Two years
  • Study programmes builds upon previous BSc, with core and specialized courses
  • Graduates are awarded the title Master of Science (inženýr/Ing. in Czech, equivalent to MSc).
  • Diploma Supplement issued in both the Czech and English languages is provided automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation


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